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2019 Certiport Certifications?

Did you prepare for the Microsoft Office 2016 Certification Exams but now want to take the 2019 Certification Exams? We’re here to help! Check below to see what objectives Certiport has added to and removed from each of their exams. If you’re worried about your readiness for the 2019 exams, check out our Practice Tests and Courses that will help you learn and prepare.

Outlook 2019 New and Removed Domains

Quick Snapshot

Removed Domains
  • 1.1.2: Change text formats for all outgoing messages
  • 1.1.3: Customize the Navigation Pane
  • 1.1.5: Manage multiple accounts
  • 1.2.5: Export messages to a data file
  • 1.3.4: Search by folder
  • 2.1.3: Create and manage rules
  • 2.1.5: Create messages by using Quick Parts
  • 2.1.6: Configure junk email and clutter settings
  • 2.2.1: Create a message
  • 2.2.4: Add tracking and voting options
  • 2.2.6: Request a delivery read receipt
  • 2.2.7: Redirect replies
  • 2.2.9: Recall a message
  • 2.3.1: Format text
  • 2.3.3: Apply themes and styles
  • 2.4.10: Delete messages
  • 2.4.11: Automate repetitive tasks by using Quick Steps
  • 2.4.12: Configure basic AutoArchive settings
  • 2.4.13: Delegate access
  • 2.4.5: Clean up messages
  • 2.4.6: Mark a message as read or unread
  • 3.1.2: Adjust viewing details for calendars
  • 3.1.3: Modify calendar time zones
  • 3.1.4: Delete calendars
  • 3.1.7: Manage calendar groups
  • 3.1.9: Share calendars
  • 3.2.1: create calendar items
  • 3.2.8: Schedule resources
  • 3.2.9: Set up meeting locations by using Room Finder
  • 3.3.1: Set calendar item importance
  • 3.3.7: Share meeting notes
  • 3.3.8: Categorize calendar items
  • 3.4.2: Create and organize notes
  • 4.1.1: Create a new contact
  • 4.1.2: Delete contacts
  • 4.1.5: Attach an image to a contact
  • 4.1.6: Add tags to contacts
  • 4.1.8: Create and manage address books
  • 4.2.3: Add notes to a contact group

Outlook 2019 New Domains:

2.1.3: Use @ mention to get someone’s attention

When creating a message, you can use the @ symbol in the body text to get someone’s attention. If you just have the @ symbol, it will show your frequent contacts, but as you start typing, Outlook will filter the contacts it shows to match what you are typing.

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