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GMetrix follows the Learn, Practice, Certify process for student success. Within this process, we provide both the Learning and the Practicing steps within the GMetrix platform. We believe the courses and practice tests we offer can help students conquer those two important steps prior to certification. To best illustrate this, we will use Microsoft Office Word as the desired certification to achieve.

Step One

Step 1: Courses

In order to successfully pass your certification, learning and understanding the objectives is the first step. GMetrix hosts courses that include videos, workbooks, glossaries, vocabulary sheets, exercise labs, preassessments, and post assessments to help you gain confidence in each of the objectives. Learn and relearn at your own pace.

Step 2: Practice Tests

The next step is practicing what you’ve learned. To do this, GMetrix has created practice tests to gauge your readiness prior to certification. This crucial step should come after you feel comfortable with what you’ve learned through courses or instruction and when you’re ready to see what the official test will feel like. Within our practice tests, we offer a training mode with unlimited time and help text and a testing mode with the same timeframe you’ll have on the official.

Step Two

Step 3: Certification

Certification is the final step to the process. It’s what you’ve been preparing for, and we aim to help you feel anxiety-free when that time comes. If you’re ready to take your certification, contact your instructor or the nearest testing center, which can be found through our partners.

What comes after certification?
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