After Certified

What comes after certification?

After that first certification, you may discover that your learning and practicing journey may only be the beginning. We still have your back! There are many certifications that tie to your dream job, and we can help you get there. Adding more skills and certifications can only make you more marketable and more competitive.

The Microsoft Office suite is typically the first stepping-stone to more advanced skills. With our roadmap, you can discover what other certifications pertain to your area of interest.


Am I job ready?

You have the certifications, but are you job ready? Am I Job Ready? is a test that can help you find out what the next step is in your certification journey.

Job Ready

How certifications have helped

"I am a 20-year military veteran who recently retired. I have currently received 2 Microsoft Office Specialist certifications out of the 4 I will be earning. As long as I finish my certifications for my courses in a reasonable amount of time, I am guaranteed a job. Because of my certifications, I am more marketable out in the workplace and knowledgeable about Microsoft products being certified by Microsoft."

Brian Ladig
San Antonio, TX United States

"The ACA certification has allowed me to enhance my skills in the workplace. I have gained new knowledge and skills that I did not know before, improving my position in Ideacommerce as Web Designer. To date, I have successfully performed the examinations of Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash showing my skills as a Web Specialist. I would recommend the ACA certification to those who want to bring out their skills in a sector targeted and specific, as in web designer."

Denise Zangari
Cinquefrondi, Italy
Web Designer presso Ideacommerce

"My MTA certifications have helped me in many ways. Most notably, my certifications have helped strengthen my academic career. I’ve gained a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of IT. As a result, this knowledge has increased my skill and confidence within the workplace. Many employers do not offer additional training resources, yet they expect professional development from their staff. MTA certifications are an excellent work-around to this. I would recommend MTA certifications to anyone who has an interest in IT. Whether it be family, friends, or co-workers there is immense value in these certifications."

Michael S Joy
Southbury, United States
Authorized Service Provider, Warranty Technician

"I recommend student MOS certification to everyone that I speak to. What a great resource to have to show your skills and accomplishments. I also share with students how past students have not had to complete a hands-on exam for employment interviewing. How past students received raises for having certification."

MaryJo Slater
Monaca, PA United States

"I feel more confident now, since after lectures in the school, I became certified within two months. I see myself standing out. Now in my search for a job in accounting, my certification will help verify my skills. My future plan is consulting and training on Computerized Accounting. Getting certified helps me feel capable to begin preparations to actualize this dream."

Daniels Oyebola
Snellville, Georgia, United States

"I am a Revit Architecture certified professional. My ACP certification makes me stand out from others and is a proof of my level knowledge and skills. I recommend ACP certification to anyone trying to advance in their design and drafting career. It will give your students an idea of how much you know, and credential as their teacher."

Fouad O.
Architectural designer / Cad instructor at Krimhaus Desing
Alberta, Canada

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