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Prepare with the best for your Unity Certified User: VR Developer (Next Generation) Certification Exam. Feel confident, hone your test-taking skills, and calm your exam fears with these practice exams. With a focus on skill assessment and an online-based format this practice exam is sure to prepare you for your certification and provide you a competitive edge in today's academic and professional environments. These Practice Tests help candidates learn about designing, creating, and  troubleshooting Unity programs using VR as a delivery medium. 




  • 1. Basic Unity Concepts for VR Development
    • 1.1. Define essential VR concepts, including but not limited to stereoscopic
      vision, how VR differs from other forms of XR, tracking methods, and VR
      input methods
    • 1.2. Demonstrate how to use Package Manager to manage packages, including
      but not limited to the XR Interaction Toolkit
    • 1.3. Demonstrate how to import or modify assets, including Prefabs
    • 1.4. Given a scenario, identify how to use the Transform component to position,
      rotate, and scale an object in the scene
    • 1.5. Identify the correct primary interface window to complete a given task while
      using the default workspace
    • 1.6. Manage components in the Inspector Window
  • 2. Building a Scene for VR
    • 2.1. Given a scenario, identify common preplanning techniques, including design
      documents, flow charts, animatics, character model sheets, prototyping,
      greyboxing, storyboarding, concept art, and proportional level scaling
    • 2.2. Identify correct methods to implement environment design with 3D objects
      using finalized assets
    • 2.3. Identify various types of light and when to use Baked vs Realtime lighting
  • 3. UX Implementation for VR
    • 3.1. Identify the steps to create a basic UI using World Space for a VR scene,
      including the use of Canvas, Button, Image, Text, and the Event System
    • 3.2. Given a scenario, determine the components needed for a user to physically
      manipulate objects, including but not limited to Colliders, the XR Grab
      Interactable, and Rigidbodies
    • 3.3. Identify types of player locomotion, including degrees of freedom, moving
      an avatar, 3-axis motion, 6-axis rotation, and rotating along an axis
    • 3.4. Given a scenario, identify optimal VR interactions regarding health and
    • 3.5. Differentiate between attributes of audio sources, including but not limited
      to 2D and spatial audio
  • 4. Scripting with Unity
    • ​​​​​​​4.1. Given a scenario, select the appropriate basic C# code to achieve a goal
      that requires knowledge of properties, variables, methods, basic data types,
      or binary operators
    • 4.2. Given a scenario, select the appropriate Unity structure to achieve a goal
      that requires knowledge of data structures, such as Vector3, GameObject,
      Collider, Rigidbody, or AudioSource
    • 4.3. Given a scenario, identify how to handle a collision or trigger Enter, Stay, or
      Exit event
  • 5. Troubleshooting and Playtesting
    • 5.1. Given a problem discovered in playtesting, identify areas to troubleshoot,
      including Static objects, missing Colliders, missing Rigidbodies, incorrect
      settings, Is Trigger, Is Kinematic, or Use Gravity
    • 5.2. Identify types of logs in the Console
    • 5.3. Identify errors output to the Console and the steps to fix them, including null
      references, missing end of line markers, or syntax errors
    • 5.4. Identify correct optimization methods when working on a VR scene,
      including but not limited to camera occlusion culling, removing unused
      objects, or level of detail (LOD)


  • 2 Practice Exams


  • The latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, or Internet Explorer
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Prior coursework or experience with Unity is recommended. 


This practice test bundle is preparation for the official Unity Certified User: VR Developer (Next Generation) certification exam.



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