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Unity Certified User: Programmer Practice Exams
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Prepare with the best for your Unity Certified User: Programmer Certification Exam. Feel confident, hone your test-taking skills, and calm your exam fears with these practice exams. With a focus on skill assessment and an online-based format this practice exam is sure to prepare you for your certification and provide you a competitive edge in today's academic and professional environments.


  • Debugging, problem-solving, and interpreting the API
    • Given an example of a debug log message, create the code that created the log message
    • Given a code clip and its associated error message(s), determine which object(s) is(are) null.
    • Given a specific programming task requiring the use of a particular class in the API, determine the appropriate method and/or properties, arguments, or other syntax to use.
  • Creating code
    • Indicate when and how to initialize and use variables.
    • Given a list of keywords and syntax elements, construct a viable Function declaration.
    • Given a code clip and a description of its desired result, identify the appropriate function to control or trigger a state.
    • Given a scenario where a specific type of input is required and the building blocks needed are provided, construct the necessary input listener.
    • Demonstrate when and/or how to use the various logic and flow control operators used in C# and Unity.
    • Given a scenario, identify appropriate actions to take when a UI element reports a change.
  • Evaluating code
    • Given a scenario about the need to manage an event function, determine the appropriate action to take.
    • Given a code clip that produces an error because of a variable whose data type is declared incorrectly, identify the error.
    • Given a code clip that produces an error because a function or variable is declared or used incorrectly (public/private mismatch), identify the error.
    • Given a code clip containing a class definition, distinguish whether the class is an ECS class or some other type of class.
    • Given a set of code clips, recognize the clip which uses naming conventions that observe Unity naming standards.
    • Given a code clip (or a set of code clips), recognize the comments which accurately describe what the code is doing.
  • Navigating the Interface
    • Describe the purpose, features, and functions of the various Unity IDE windows.
    • Demonstrate how to change the default scripting IDE.
    • Given a scenario which includes the following, then create a functional state machine.


  • 2 Practice Exams


  • The latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, or Internet Explorer
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Prior coursework or experience with Unity is recommended. 


This practice test bundle is preparation for the official Unity Certified User: Programmer certification exam.


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