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Unity Certified User: Artist Courseware
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Show the world that you're ready to start creating RT2D and RT3d experiences with the Unity Certified User Artist certification. Real time 2D and 3D skills are used in multiple industries including Gaming, XR/VR, Automotive and Manufacturing, Architecture Engineering and Construction and, of course, animated films.

This certification will test your 2d and 3d digital artistry skills within Unity and demonstrate that you have the knowledge to manage art assets, scene content design and use the tools within Unity to create an exceptional real-time experience.


  • Importing and working with 2D and 3D assets
  • Placing and designing levels
  • At least 150 hours of Unity software use and training


  • 12 video-based modules with accompanying text references for key concepts
  • Each module within the course has challenges, solutions and related quizzes to test your knowledge
  • 49 videos
  • 12 quizzes/review questions associated with course modules and challenges


  • High-speed Internet connection.



This courseware is preparation for the official Unity Certified User: Artist certification exam.


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