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Unity Certified Associate: Programmer Course
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Demonstrate core skills and competencies across programming, UI, debugging and asset management to help you obtain your first professional programming role with Unity.

The courseware not only helps to prepare for the Unity Certified Associate: Programmer Certification but also enables one to learn Unity to enter industries such as Gaming, Film, Automotive, Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) and XR.

Follow along from beginning to end with the courseware videos and practice quizzes, or jump to the chapters where you may need the most review. Use the latest Unity version to follow the project work. Download the latest Long Term Support version for free from Unity:


  • 2-3 semesters of post secondary Unity classwork or equivalent independent study
  • Experience with a diverse range of Unity projects
  • Importing assets or code, including from the Unity Asset Store or Unity Package Manager, and addressing conflicts that arise as a result
  • Performing debugging or non- complex problems
  • Interpreting pre-existing, well documented code
  • Integrating  and modifying pre-existing well documented code
  • Building basic scene management, including loading scenes
  • Creating, editing, and using Prefabs
  • Deploying a basic build


  • 12 video-based modules with accompanying text references for key concepts
  • Each module within the course has challenges, solutions and related quizzes to test your knowledge
  • 41 videos
  • 16 quizzes/ review questions associated with course modules and challenges


  • High-speed Internet connection.


This courseware is preparation for the official Unity Certified Associate: Programmer certification exam.


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