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NASCLA -Mississippi Law and Business Management Course
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Prior to taking this course you need pre-approval from the Mississippi State Board of Contractors.  If you received an email from the Mississippi State Board of Contractors with a link to access this course, you have been pre-approved.  No prior approval from the Mississippi State Board of Contractors invalidates the course completion.  For questions, please call 800-880-6161. 

The NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project Management is organized into 20 sections.

This course focuses on planning and starting your business, formulating a business plan, choosing a business structure, understanding licensing and insurance requirements, and gaining basic management and marketing skills. You will also learn fundamentals to operate a successful construction business using successful methods such as estimating, contract management, scheduling, project management, safety and environmental responsibilities and building good relationships with employees, subcontractors, and customers. This course provides valuable information to assist you in running the administrative functions of your business by explaining financial management, tax basics, and lien laws. Effective management of these areas of business is vital and failure to pay proper attention can hinder your company’s success.


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